Special 5 Day Hands-on Locksmith Training: Two (2) Locksmith Students Only

I have a new two (2) person only 5 Day Hands-on Locksmith Training starting Monday January 23-27, 2012 and Monday January 30 to February 3rd, 2012 in  Downtown Vancouver 10am-5pm. Only two (2) Locksmith Students only, great for Family Members or Business Partners.  Class size is very limited so call me now to book. Call […]

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How to Rekey a Schlage SecureKey Deadbolt

Schlage SecureKey locks are customer rekeyable locks. You must have an existing Reset (blue) key and a different cut Reset (blue) key and operating keys. The lock is identifiable with a “+” stamped at the top center of the keyway or cylinder plug.   Step One a) Insert Reset (blue) key into deadbolt lock.   […]

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How Much Can You Make as a Locksmith

I get asked how much a person can make as a locksmith.  If you work for a locksmith company or as an in-house locksmith (Hospital, University, School Board, etc.) wages range from minimum wage to union wages of approximately $30.00+ per hour.  The more experience the locksmith has the higher their salary potential. Being self-employed […]

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Plug Spinner: Must Have for the Lock Picking Kit

A vital tool for Beginner and Professional Locksmiths is a plug spinner or lock flipper.  A plug spinner is used can if a cylinder is picked in the wrong direction, or if picking requires the plug to be rotated in one direction and then flipped. Sometimes the lock because of wear or manufacturing it will […]

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Rekey Weiser / Kwikset Smart Key lock

A very popular lock I am seeing at Mr. Locksmith is the Wesier Smart Key lock. The Key in Knob, Pin Pad Combination lock and Single Cylinder Deadbolt is available at most hardware stores and the customer can rekey the lock themselves. Note: I do not recommend this lock because of a major security weakness. […]

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Professional Lock Picking Contest “Mr. Locksmith” refused entry by Weiser Lock

Weiser Lock had invited Terry Whin-Yates from Mr. Locksmith and fellow Mr. Locksmith Franchisees and Locksmith Students for a Sneak Preview of the 2011 PNE Prize Home and a Professional Lock Picking Contest. On Tuesday night July 26, 2011 at the PNE Prize Home in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada representatives from Wesier Lock did not […]

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100 Most Popular Commercial and Residential Keys Duplicated

Ilco / Kaba is a key blank manufacturer and has complied their  list of the most popular Commercial and Residential Keyblanks they sell to locksmiths and keystores.  Most popular keyblanks a locksmith cuts or duplicates will vary by Region and location within a City.  In Canada the most popular key blank duplicated is the Weiser”W1″  […]

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Penetration Expert, Picking a Lock: Tension Wrenches

LOCKSMITH TOOLS OF THE TRADE “LOCK PICKS, FLIPPERS AND MONKEYS” TENSION WRENCH OR TURNING TOOL To pick a lock usually requires two (2) tools, a lock pick and a tension wrench” or “turning tool.” I won’t go into semantics on the proper name for the tension wrench or turning tool, etc..  For the purpose of […]

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Why regulate the locksmithing industry? Look at British Columbia Canada.

In the United States and Canada various Locksmith organizations and businesses having been calling for regulations for training and criminal records checks for anyone in the Locksmith business.  In British Columbia Canada Locksmiths are in theory regulated by the BC Government. Locksmiths in BC must have a minimum of two years working under the supervision […]

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Become a Locksmith Training Class

I will have a hands-on 5 Day Introduction to Locksmithing Class in Vancouver BC Each student will have  hands-on comprehensive knowledge about locking and unlocking principles, security issues, and effective use of cutting-edge products. Each student will cut over 100+ keys per students (by code and manual key machines) and rekey, shim, pick open, take […]

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